What is DrillPerfect  about?

DrillPerfect  is a start-up project about the development of digital controlled and networking power tools – the Smart Digital Powertool Control (SDPC). The start-up project is based on an electric drill. Our mission is to develop smart, next generation power tools of all kinds.

Why digital control of power tools?

The digital control of power tools (SDPC) enhances the device to the next level of smart & efficient control using AI. The power tool is operating by means of RTOS (Real Time Operating System), which generates smart device features, wireless communication and self-learning processes.

What is the wireless communication of the power tool for?

The wireless communication enables the remote connection to the power tool for reading & sending data from & to the internet. The wireless access can be used for setting remotely operation modes of the device and to monitor the status of the device by means of a cloud-based data management (DrillPerfect-Cloud).

What is the device monitoring for?

The integrated monitoring procedure allows to track the operation condition and status of the power tool. The data is streamed to a cloud storage (DrillPerfect-Cloud) and can be processed for purposes like i.e. predictive maintenance service, direct customer supports, device field application analytics, direct marketing, device location and many more …

Which kind of power tools can be equipped with the SDPC?

Any power tool device (cordless or corded) can be produced with our SDPC (Smart Digital Powertool Control).

What is the purpose of the power tool location tracking?

Any power tool equipped with the SDPC is able to be tracked.  Local device status, activity and work progress can be analyzed. A smart remote lock function is available to control the operation range of the device, thus possible misuse can be avoided.

What is the Smart Screw Action Control about?

It is an automated screwing process, which stops the motor in time to avoid any overscrewing and unpleasant kick-back of the drill/screwer. The desired motor torque can be adjusted manually or by default.

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