BASTRA GmbH&Co.KG  offers a wide range of Engineering services providing industries like automotive, power tool, combustion engine, electric drives, transmissions and embedded systems.

 Our vision  is to create next generation Power Tools which are smart, connected and can work autonomously with the help of AI, making the work process for the user more efficient, reliable and safe.

 Our mission  is to develop Smart Power Tools of any kind and to prove that next generation Power Tools will drive the future  in the market.

 Our project target  is to design and to produce Smart Power Tools. We are generating advanced technology products and will provide outstanding engineering services to the industry.

 Our highly skilled team  with strong experience in mechanical engineering and embedded system design, founded and created this brand-independent start-up project called DrillPerfect

 Think about  networking handheld power tools connecting between each other and performing a self-setting to be prepared for the next job. The user starts the scheduled jobs by just a voice command or a simple push on a button. The Smart Power Tool performs autonomously operations like i.e. working down a list of scheduled jobs, selecting cutting speed, keeping proper work axis, determin screwing torque,  smartly locking the device and interfacing & communicating with the user.
And much more …

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